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Hello. This is Aakansha (pseudonym). I'm a twenty-something editor from India. I really enjoy reading (and sometimes editing ;)) articles that I find across Wikipedia. I grew up reading Harry Potter and Nancy Drew, and to be very honest, I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter!

Wikipedia has been way too kind to me, to say the least. In fact, I heavily relied on it through my college days. I look forward to making more contributions here, to help make Wikipedia a better place for all the young knowledge-seekers out there :)

Topics of interest[edit]

I enjoy reading articles across fields and domains. Some of them are:

  • Literature
    1. Fiction
      1. Mystery fiction|Mystery/Thriller
      2. Science fiction
      3. Romance
      4. Classics
      5. Crime
      6. Fantasy
      7. Utopian and dystopian fiction
    2. Non-fiction
      1. Biographies & Autobiographies
      2. Memoirs
      3. Self-help
  • Music
    1. Pop
    2. Kollywood
    3. Bollywood
    4. Tollywood
  • Entertainment
    1. Films
      1. Hollywood
      2. Indian Film Industry
    2. TV Shows
      1. Stranger Things
      2. Suits
    3. Celebrities
      1. Actors
      2. Authors/Writers
      3. Activists
  • Technology
    1. Artificial Intelligence
    2. Blockchains
    3. Biotechnology