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My colourful illustration of a bubble, with some blurry colours.

°͜ .° Hi. Here's an article about me (written in third person, as most Wikipedia articles are in third person)


Aera23 is an editor, who mainly splits paragraphs that are too big to easily read.

°He was born in Sri Lanka in mid 2004. He's now located in South Australia, north of Adelaide.


°The name Aera23 began around February 2019

°Aera23 joined Wikipedia in Mid September 2019, selected an article that Wikipedia recommended, and edited.

°When he spots an article that needs editing (like an article with a massive chunk of text), he edits.


°He's split dozens of paragraphs, and corrected a few little errors. In total, he's made over 10 edits. °He's made a site in April 2019 (and updates it every now and then) °He'll be able to reply within a business day (because he keeps himself signed in, and has his notifications on :) ) PS: The other links mightn't work on other wikis (except for (en.wikipedia.org))

External pages[edit]

His site, which focuses on creations and SVG art is archived at http://web.archive.org/*/https://a.danwin1210.me/ Note: There may be more colour than you'd be used to.

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