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I intend to use following permissions of Global rollback.

On most wikis, autoconfirmed status is granted automatically after 4 days of local account creations. I am referring "most" as small and mid-sized wikis. Knowing that, I have created account on every Wikimedia projects using User:Krinkle/Tools/Global_SUL.js. On some big projects, autopromotion to autoconfirmed criteria is not only 4 days of activity but also N (n = value depends on wikis, usually is 10, if I recall correctly) number of edits. As of this moment, I have

  1. more than one edit 421 wikis
  2. more than five edits on 192 wikis
  3. more than ten edits on 130 wikis

full stats are at [1]. When patrolling Spanish Wikipedia, I was having a hard time with abuse filters that restricts non-autoconfirmed editors from performing certain actions (i.e. edits) even though I have created my local account there more than 4 days ago of that time. Later I found out that autopromotion to autoconfirmed requires at least 50 edits there. I am grateful that Hasley, a fellow SWMT member solved my problem with autoconfirmed level abuse filters by requesting the confirmed flag on behalf of me (I couldn't do it myself because of language barrier) and of course I am also grateful to the local bureaucrat who granted me the confirmed flag. On other projects where I don't have the flag yet, I would like to get it automatically to aid in my crosswiki counter-vandalism work.

  • autoconfirmed, editsemiprotected - to be able to edit semi-protected pages, and bypass IP based rate limits on wikis. As for skipcaptcha, honestly I never performed any captcha triggering actions during my CVN work. Maybe it's because I already had local autoconfirmed permissions?
  • move, movestable, and suppressredirect - I never encountered page move vandalism if I recall correctly. One case I do remember is a recent move on jvwiki. A newbie had created their userpage on a different namespace by mistake and I had to move it the appropriate namespace. My move created a cross-namespace redirect there as I didn't have suppressredirect right on that wiki, so I had to ask a GS to delete the redirect for me. suppressredirect right could have been helpful.
  • rollback - I have been using this right on wikis where I have it locally to combat vandalism. On wikis, where I do not have rollback right, I use substitutes - TwinkleGlobal and FakeRollback. I usually have fast internet connection, so I don't have to worry about slow internet speed during my CVN works unless my connection is lagging or I am in a place where I do not have access to high speed internet. The scripts to perform rollback using action=undo API are slow on a slow connection. Another reason I need this right is to be able to use Smart rollback.js to perform mass-rollback, in other words, reverting multiple edits by a spammer, or LTA at the same time. There have been multiple cases where I thought this feature would have been helpful and ended up asking an existing GR to take care of the reverts. Also action=rollback apparently overrides abuse filter restrictions, which I frequently face problems with when reverting vandalism. I have reported such cases to other GRs and they were happy to lend me a hand and took care of the reversions. Rollbacking a edit also automatically marks it as patrolled, which helps local patrollers and admins. I was suggested to mark vandalism edits as patrolled on Italian Wikipedia, I would like to mark those edits as patrolled automatically rather than clicking on the patrol link everytime.
  • abusefilter-log-detail - I know I often say that I hate abuse filters because they often prevent me from doing CVN work as I said above. But AF are helpful to track down LTAs, vandals, and spammers. In fact, I regularly check and block spambots on with the help of abuse filters.
  • autoreviewrestore, autopatrol - I for one do not care whether my edits are autopatrolled/autoreviewed. But they serve as indicators to local RC patrollers and admins. They have to check/patrol my edits manually on wikis where I do not have these rights. Also on some wikis, users with these rights are exempted from some local abuse filters, which will make my CVN work a lot easier. Editing other user's root userpage is restricted to autopatrol right holders. For example, metawiki, etc. This is very problematic because spambots advertise in their userpage regularly, and abuse filters don't let me tag those userpages for speedy deletion.
  • noratelimit, markbotedits - I never tripped the rate limit on any wiki if I recall correctly. But they can be helpful when mass-rollbacking edits of spammers, vandals. markbotedits will allow me to mark my rollback edits as bot, making the recent changes cleaner in case there are large amount of vandalism.