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Data partnerships is an important component of futhering access to free and open knowledge for Wikimedia projects. It is important for successfully carrying out the 2030 Wikimedia Movement's 2030 strategic direction.

Wikimedians who work with GLAM institutions may have, at some point, work on data partnership projects. The objective of this subpage is to share some of these learnings with everyone, so community members/ GLAM professionals who are working with GLAM partners will learn from each other and be better and more efficient at what we do.

This subpage aims to provide some of the learnings and experiences in our data partnerships activities with various institutions.

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Some of our Data Partners[edit]

Together with the local Wikimedian communities, we are aware or have worked with the following institutions across the world on data partnership activities (in alphabetical order):

Environmental Projects[edit]


  • Prater Gallery- Wikibase
  • Rhizome Artbase- Wikibase


  • Berkeley Law Library (US)- Wikibase
  • Library of Congress- Wikidata & Wikibase
  • National Library of the Czech Republic- Wikidata & Wikibase
  • The National Library of France (Bibliothèque nationale de France)- Wikidata & Wikibase
  • Finnish National Library- Wikibase
  • The German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)- Wikidata & Wikibase
  • University of Ghana Library- Wikidata (see Report)
  • National Library of Greece- Wikidata & Wikibase
  • Hong Kong Baptist University Library- Wikidata
  • Kenya National Library Services- Wikibase
  • National Library of Luxembourg- Wikibase
  • National Library of the Netherlands (Bibliotheek Nederland)- Wikibase
  • National Library of Portugal- Wikidata
  • National Library Board of Singapore- Wikidata
  • The Smithsonian Libraries and Archives (US)- Wikidata and Wikibase (see Smithsonian's WikiProject PCC Pilot, Chinese Ancestors Portraits Project & Wikidata, and blog post here)
  • National Library of Wales- Wikibase instance here

Projects in the pipeline[edit]

* National Library of Nigeria- Wikidata

* Samson Adedoyin Library (Glorious Vision University Library) in Nigeria- Wikidata & Wikibase



Research, Learning & Discovery Hubs[edit]

Government and related LOD Projects[edit]

Commercial/ Industry Entities[edit]

  • IBM Research- Wikidata
  • JSTOR Labs- Wikidata
  • Orange- Wikidata

Issues and Challenges faced by Data Partners[edit]

This section attempts to list out the various issues and challenges faced by institutional partners in data partnerships.


  • Wikibase Suite. Need a mass import tool to import 9 million items (and the relationships between the entities) into the Wikibase instance. See related Phabricator ticket here.

Issues and Challenges faced in Data Partnerships work[edit]

This section attempts to highlight the issues and challenges faced by Wikimedians in their data partnerships activities.

  • See an overview of the issues and challenges presented at GLAM WikiConference 2023 here.

AI & Wikidata[edit]

This subsection is dedicated to the topic and discussion of AI and Wikidata. Specifically, we will look at some of the discussions surrounding how Wikidata as a knowledge graph can be integrated to empower open-source Generative AI projects.

For starters, it would make sense to look at the following content: