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My name is Alan Davidson. My use of Wikipedia commenced in 2005. I wrote an article about Wikipedia published in "Proctor" a Queensland Law Society publication that goes to all Queensland lawyers. I have a regular monthly column about CyberLaw. I have had published more than 100 articles in Proctor, as well as in other Journals. I thought it was wise to inform these lawyers of the advantages of Wikipedia.

I have made contributions to the Mailbox Rule page, as it is an interest of mine and I found some errors. I have also made contributions to the World Cup Soccer page and the discussion page, Australian history and now many others sites. I created the page for the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits as I was the Australian delegate for ICC Australia at the ICC Banking Commission meeting in Paris in October 2006 for the final adoption and approval of the UCP600.

I am an academic lawyer at the University of Queensland. I am a Solicitor and Barrister of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and of the High Court of Australia. Besides my legal qualifications I have a computing science degree, a Master of Laws and a PhD in Letters of Credit.

Over the years I have also worked professionally as a keyboard player with several hundred professionals inlcuding Jon English, Kerri-Anne_Kennerly, Tony Barber, Johnny Young, Sid Heylon... I have worked as a cocktail pianist at places such as the Sydney Hilton and on the cruise ships Fairstar and Fairsky. I have been musical director for a number of theatre groups, professional and amateur. I have been the resident musical director for Stagedoor Dinner Theatre, a professional theatre company in Brisbane, for five years. On three occasions I have had two shows running simultaneously for different companies. Two involved a professional production and an amateur production, but on one occasion there were two professional shows running simultaneously.

I welcome any communication.