User:AlecMeta/Jan 18 2012 - Commendation on WMF going dark

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  • WMF is taking a stand. Only we could do this. When established institutions like government and media appear to be failing us, it falls to WMF to do the job no one else can do. I'm so happy that WMF is rising to the challenges of our day.
  • This is very dangerous, and we all know it. Rupert Murdoch is already being outspoken about SOPA, and he's hardly alone. Going black is a very big step. It takes real courage and real leadership to do it. I'm so happy we have courageous leaders.
  • Whatever backlash we get, I think it's worth it. The more WMF is seen standing up for a better world, the more respect we'll get. Our real enemy is apathy, not controversy. I so happy to be part of the Wikimedia Movement today, no matter what controversy tomorrow brings.

Take home point-- WMF is inherently better than for-profits[edit]

  • There is, however, something beautiful and wonderful about not-for-profit foundations like WMF. Our reader-supported model gives us an unprecedented level of independence, and as a result, it's easy to trust WMF. We are not "for sale".
  • There is nothing wrong with 'blindly-for-profit' corporations, but they are hard to trust. For-profit corporations are "for sale", quite literally.
  • The WMF model-- a not-for-profit coupled with a global online community-- consistently outperforms its traditional counterparts. We do more, for less, and we do it better. The WMF model desperately needs to be applied to other services beyond our existing projects.
  • The WMF, or a related organization, should apply the WMF-model as widely as possible. Genealogy is the trite example, but it's just one example of millions. WMF, or an organization created by WMF members, should try to be as wide in scope as reasonably possible.
  • Wherever people donate both time and money for public information, the WMF (or a WMF-like organization) should be there. As the saying goes: "Shut up and take my money!"