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Metrics and evaluation[edit]

Shared metrics
  • Participants: The number of people who attend your events, programs or activities, either in person or virtually. This definition does not include people organizing activities, social media followers, donors, or others not participating directly.
  • Newly registered: The number of participants that create new accounts on a Wikimedia project. These include users who register up to two weeks before the start of the event.
  • Content pages: A content page is an article on Wikipedia, an item on Wikidata, a content page on Wikisource, an entry on Wiktionary, and a media file on Commons, etc. This metric captures the total number of content pages created or improved across all Wikimedia projects.
Grantee-defined metrics
  • Footprint tracker: CIS-A2K team would like to continue with the "Footprint tracker" metric. This metric is useful to understand active Wiki-communities, locations with frequent Wiki-engagements, and identify institutional partners for supporting active Wiki-communities. It helped CIS-A2K understand its reach over current plan period, and address concerns of not engaging non-FLA communities.This metric will track the number of outreach events that are organised by Indic Wikimedians with our support. This metric will be able to provide insights to support Wikimedia projects by local bodies and interest shown by communities. Further, this metric will help in devising efficient follow-up mechanisms and will avoid 'reinventing the wheel' regarding social events and needs assessment. A2K team would only count one footprint per city per project irrespective of the frequency of follow-up event or multiple venues for the event. This metric would utilise the geographical distribution of Wikimedians in India and also provide an excellent opportunity for participants of TTT to expand the reach of Wikimedia projects in their communities.
  • Gender ratio: CIS-A2K would like to introduce a new metric called Gender ratio. This metrics will help us to calculate the ratio of female and male participation in the events conducted by CIS-A2K. We will make sure that 25 % of female will take part in every activity conducted by CIS-A2K.
Program Participants Newly registered Content pages Footprint tracker Gender ratio or Diversity
Content Enrichment 1,600 500 - 10 25%
Skill Development 500 100 - 9
Partnerships Development 2,000 800 - 8
Leadership Development 600 100 - 3
Total 4,700 1,500 - 30

Content Enrichment[edit]

Content acquiring from public domain[edit]

The database of notable authors and their heirs holding the copyrights will be developed. The selection of literature and priority will be decided through community consultation. The events for content donation will be conducted on specific occasions to promote the concept in various regions of the state. The appropriate movement resources will be created for this drive. How
Digitisation meetups will be organised where volunteers who have shown interest in participating in this venture will be participating. Scanning of the books, using OCR to convert into the text as much possible, cleaning up and uploading to Kannada Wikisource will be done in this meetups.

  • 5 to 10 books are aimed to be uploaded in each meetup. We aim to organise at least 2 such meetups.
  • 50 books will be digested on Wikisource with the help of Kannada community.

Thematic workshops[edit]

The content in Kannada Wikipedia is not as diverse as it is supposed to be. There hardly any articles in some fields like medicine, health, law, etc. Efforts will be made to make Kannada Wikipedia richer, with diverse content with the help of Thematic workshops.

Workshops and edit-a-thons in creating articles on specific topics will be conducted at different places. Topics from different disciplines will be discussed and assigned to the students from partner institutions who will be writing articles on Kannada Wikipedia.

  • At least 25 articles each in selected 2-3 topics is expected to come up.

Meetups for capacity building[edit]

To have regular interactions among the community members and strengthen the community spirit among the editors of Kannada Wikipedia.
Building a good and strong community is essential to build the Kannada Wikimedia projects as we don't have an active community.
Have initial discussions over the mailing list, village pump and IRC. Decide on the date, time and venue for the events. Organise and facilitate the meetup. It is planned to have at least 3 meetups of members of the existing community.
These efforts in community building will strengthen and enhance the community spirit among Kannada Wikipedians and help them be more active. The meet-ups may also yield some project ideas.


Intensive Personalized Wiki Training[edit]

An Intensive Personalized Wiki Training (IPWT) will be organised to enhance the skills of the student's in the current project that students are working and interested in.
Intensive Personalised Training Program is a project where CIS-A2K attempts to provide support to the community member. We believe that community members can do much qualitative work if the community is trained with recent tools and development.
To enhance the skills of very active Kannada Wikimedian and Student community members, an Intensive Personalised Wiki Training Session will be conducted. All the participants selected should be consistently active for one year in any of the Wiki projects. Before the actual workshop, a needs assessment will be done to know the requirements of the participants and interests. Then the agenda will be prepared accordingly.

  • 5 IPWT sessions will be conducted with 10 Active Kannada Wikimedians



Institutional partnership is essential for the development of the Wikimedia movement in India. When we talk about growth, we mean being able to produce new editors who can improve Wikimedia’s projects. In the case of CIS-A2K works, the way to incorporate new editors is by promoting Wikimedia movement in different Educational Institutions. That teachers and professors can understand and of which they can take ownership, so students can work in appropriate contexts and CIS-A2K can reach a greater number of participants in a very large country. 


We will be working in the following way with the different institutions to enrich the content on Wikimedia platforms.
Christ University

  • Wikimedia platform will be introduced to students with Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) for undergraduate students in Hindi, Kannada & Sanskrit. This initiative bridges inequality and brings in a greater contribution from various languages. This platform creates and builds student’s skills in editing and typing.
  • Certificate course on Wikipedia and Wikisource.
  • Internship programmes for the students to enhance the quality of the content with the community support and suggestions.
  • MediaWiki workshops to support and improve India's tech community etc.

Alva's college

  • Wiki Awareness Session(s) will be conducted to increase awareness among the students at college so that we can get more number of students on board and contribute to Wikimedia movement. Awareness will be increased among the students with the help of posters describing the Wikimedia movement and its benefits will be created and put on the Notice board, College website and others and short welcoming video about Wikimedia movement and its benefits.
  • Wikisource training will be organized for 30 students in 3 stages and teach the students about the importance of Wikisource and the workflow and also students will be monitored closely and at the 3rd stage, students will be given training about the advanced topics in Wikisource.
  • Wikidata Training will be conducted to create awareness of the knowledge storing in the structure format and Wikidata.

SDM college

  • Wikipedia and & Wikisource training will be conducted.
  • Internship programmes for the students to enhance the quality of the content with the community support and suggestions.
  • Year-long Wiki-educational events at Christ University, where at least 1,300 students will participate in Wikipedia Education Program, Certificate course & internship. The students will be working on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, and Wikidata.
  • Year-long activities in Alva's college were at least 120 students will be introduced to Wikimedia platform and develop/create more than 400 articles and proofread 400 pages on Wikisource.
  • Year-long activities in SDM college were at least 100 students will be introduced to Wikimedia platform and develop/create more than 200 articles and proofread 200 pages on Wikisource.

Institution Edit-a-thon Skill building Photothon Wikisource
Christ University, Bengaluru YesY YesY YesY YesY
SDM College, Ujire YesY YesY
Alva’s College, Moodbidri YesY YesY YesY YesY