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Table 3

Shared metrics

  1. Participants: The number of people who attend your events, programs or activities, either in person or virtually. This definition does not include people organizing activities, social media followers, donors, or others not participating directly.
  2. Newly registered: The number of participants that create new accounts on a Wikimedia project. These include users who register up to two weeks before the start of the event.
  3. Content pages: A content page is an article on Wikipedia, an item on Wikidata, a content page on Wikisource, an entry on Wiktionary, and a media file on Commons, etc. This metric captures the total number of content pages created or improved across all Wikimedia projects.

Grantee-defined metrics

  1. Footprint tracker: CIS-A2K team would like to continue withe the "Footprint tracker" metric. This metric is useful to understand active Wiki-communities, locations with frequent Wiki-engagements, and identify institutional partners for supporting active Wiki-communities. It helped CIS-A2K understand its reach over current plan period, and address concerns of not engaging non-FLA communities.
    This metric will track the number of outreach events that are organised by Indic Wikimedians with our support. This metric will be able to provide insights to support Wikimedia projects by local bodies and interest shown by communities. Further this metric will help in devising efficient follow-up mechanisms and will avoid 'reinventing the wheel' regarding social events and needs assessment. A2K team would only count one footprint per city per project irrespective of the frequency of follow-up event or multiple venues for the event. This metric would utilise the geograpical distribution of Wikimedians in India and also provide an excellent opportunity for participants of TTT to expand the reach of Wikimedia projects in their communities.
  2. Diversity: CIS-A2K would like to introduce a new metric called Diversity. Which describes the Men, women and transgender ratio in each vertical. This is a number of unique participants who take part in the activities/Event conducted by CIS-A2K.
Program Participants Newly registered Content pages 'Footprint tracker' 'Diversity'
Content Enrichment 1,500 450 8,500 8 10%
Skill Development 450 100 1,600 7 5%
Partnerships Development 1,800 500 11,700 6 10%
Leadership Development 550 250 2,500 2 5%
TOTAL FOR ALL PROGRAMS 4,300 1,300 24,300 23 30%

Table 3 notes: