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Internal assignments[edit]

Certificate course[edit]

To improve student participation in the Wikimedia Movement certificate course for the interested students was started at Christ (Deemed to be University). This helps the students to improve the knowledge of Wikimedia movement and also as an active step towards enabling the spread of content editing and contributing skills on Wikipedia in vernacular languages. Christ (Deemed to be University), in collaboration with the CIS-A2K, began this courses on using and editing in Wikipedia in 2016 for students. This year, the course is offered of the interested students. This course is conducted after normal working hours, this course is taken for 45 hours, carries 2 credits to be added to students’ academic records, this time we had 37 students who worked in Malayam, Kannada, Hindi and Tamil langauges.

This course is designed in such a way that the students joined to this course will improve their skills in using and working with Wikipedia as well as attempts to be both technically equipping and holistic through its instruction. Which will help them in life growth and it will help the institution to run the larger activity very successfully. This course has three major components. Introduction to the concept of what Wikipedia is, history of online encyclopedias and Wikipedia itself, using sources, choosing and drafting articles and moving articles to the main space etc. The next step is to teach how to edit and publish articles. Here, common templates, editing, and wikification of the articles, adding content such as tables and references, legal aspects, policies, and guidelines, tackling vandalism and tools for producing illustrations are dealt with. The third component is to orient/ help their classmates to their assignment.

The Wikipedia Certificate Course syllabus can be accessed here.


Christ (Deemed to be University), with the collaboration of CIS-A2K, offers internships for the students. Interested students are guided by the facilitators of CUWEP and the community members. It helps students to learn more about Wikipedia and contribute in an efficient manner. This activity is mainly focused on the creation of articles in several languages and proofreading and validations of the folios in Wikisource. During this time students improve the quality of the articles and Improve the quality of the folios in Wikisource, which is created by the students during the regular assignments. It was conducted in the month of October and September. Students who have taken Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Sanskrit as their second language are given this opportunity which is very limited and hard to find.

Socail Media Campegin[edit]

The Social Media campaign was started in 2017 to encourage students and highlight the articles created or edited by the students. This helps us to share articles on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

This is a great influence in promoting the work done by students to the communities also it helps the communities to understand the work done by the students as a part of the Education Programs activities. While the students have often failed to understand the importance of WEP editing as a contribution towards Open knowledge creation, amalgamating their efforts with Google doodle, tweets and Facebook posts regarding the importance of their articles has helped them to identify the potential and impact of their work.