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Free pictures, a collection of ideas of what type of activities could be part of a initiative like this on a national or global scale

Lobbying on a national and global level for society and actors in society to be more postive for letting pictures free[edit]

Photos that are expression of art often gets heavy protection by law, and perhaps it could be just as well leave them out of a lobbying effort.

On the other hand the great majority of all photos are not artistic in the real meaning of the word, but are still protected by law and/or institutions as these choose to interpret their photos in their archive as "artistic" even it they are not accrding to the formal law. In Sweden no one ever challange the museums classifiacation, perhaps it would be freshening to take some cases to court?

And besides lobbying for the law to be changed and institutions to be more generous it is a big oppurtunity to change the attitude of smaller associations and private persons. In Sweden the tradition of local Heritage groups are strong, them sitting on a treasure of photos from old times. Unfortunatly they are rather conservative and often have a mean age of over 75 in their boards, leaning heavily on the local museums opinions strugglinmg themselvs to cope with modernities like PC and E-mails

A lot to be learned from others and an opening for global activities besdies local ones

Get institutions to let their photoarchives free[edit]

The experince from Germany is most stimulating and is an inspiration for us all to do the same. And it is good to early on learn that it can take time and a persistent dialogue to get a result, and also that a solution of just letting low resolutions picture free could be a key. A lot to be learned from others


In Sweden we have seen community members to get together localy to have a day or two to take photos of interesting items in their neighbourhood. I understand this also happens in other places. And of course we as I suppose every chapter do use major events as an oppurtunity to take photos of "celebreties".

This is mainly a thing for the local community, but can it be supported by the local chapter, like by paying some expenses?

Competitions and other thing to get the local society more active in generating photos[edit]

We can see a lot happening here already based on the enthusisam and interest from the people in our local community(sv:wp)

This is mainly a thing for the local community, but can it be supported by the local chapter, like by having clear description on how to get pictures to commons, clear description of when pictures are free acording to law. Perhaps to set up a portal for pictures?

A good mailbox for non-experts to release pictures into[edit]

Wikimedia Nederlands has developed a very good solution to this challange that it would be wonderful to have everywhere. With a solutions like this it is then possible to lobby to local key people to donate pictures of them self as been done sucessfully in Netherlands.

Think of a compettion among chapters of whom can first have all the members of their national parlament donate a picture of themself to wikiepdia/commons?

Experience from others a big boost. Oppurtunity for cooperation of software development (incl WMF)