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🌿About me

Hello there! I'm Alan, username Angal26. This is my volunteer account, and I am a casual contributor from Singapore. My background is in Southeast Asia, China and Central Asia. I am personally interested in promoting Open Government projects via Linked Open Data. As a proponent of the 5* Open Data, I have given talks at multiple events, promoting open data and free knowledge across the world.

I was previously the Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic (until 2020) on pro-bono basis, and promoted digitisation of cultural & heritage sites for digital tourism and more open data across various government agencies.

Topics of interests: Singapore, manga, anime, Marvel, Aikido, books, calisthenics, Kenjutsu

I am mostly active on Wikidata, Mix'n'match.

Catalogs of interest:

🌿With Wikimedia Deutschland

Since 2022, I've joined Wikimedia Deutschland as a Partner Manager (Wikidata) and have also been making edits with the account Alan Ang (WMDE). As a Partner Manager at Wikimedia Deutschland, I am responsible for connecting and onboarding global institutions to the Linked Open Data web via Wikidata and Wikibase projects.

My preferred timezone is Central Europe (CET or CEST).

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