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If I only had a brain...
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Uh, yeah. I'm Animum, a sysop from enwiki. (You know, the big place across the road? Can't miss it.) Feel free to drop me a line on this wiki or my primary (ergo, more frequently checked) talk page. If you're an IRC-goer, you might find me in ##Animum or #wikipedia-en with the cloak "wikimedia/Animum" when I'm online.

As for languages, I am a native speaker of American English, a very rudimentary speaker of Spanish, and planning to learn basic-intermediate German in the near future, though I currently do not know much of the language.

Subscribing to the line of thought that both article-writing and metapedian activities are vital to the success of any WMF project, I can be found doing both miscellaneous behind-the-scenes tasks — such as script-coding, copyediting, and RFA-voting — as well as occasional article writing/expanding, which has gotten me to a cool sum of 2 (yes, the exorbitant amount of 2) DYKs.

I also enjoy skimming our bash.org rip-off for miscellaneous tidbits of wisdom and general hilarity.

Thanks for tuning in, and have a nice day.

Animum (talk)