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Propositions de logo

They made the top 20 in the international contest ![edit]

See International_logos_(top_20)

7a: Miwiki on stylized book[edit]

Miwiki bouquin2 small.png
larger version

7b: Ant on book with brackets[edit]


7c: Blue Miwiki on book with brackets[edit]

Miwiki bouquin3 small.png Large

7d: Red Miwiki on book with brackets[edit]

Miwiki bouquin5 small.png

7e: Ant on blue book with brackets[edit]

Leafcutt bouquin1 small.png Large[edit]


I did not design the logo, but provided the flower; This is now the logo used on

See w:en:Image:Tournesol(S).jpg for more on sunflowers.

Other logos[edit]

Anthere-logo (small).jpg large

Terre3(S).png large

Terre3(S).png or Terre3(S).jpg

Anthere-logo (small).jpg larger - Miwiki bouquin2 small.png larger

Tetra2(S).jpg Wikiant.jpg Fourmi2(s).jpg
Media:Tetra2(L).png, Media:Fourmi (L).jpg and Media:Fourmi2 (L).jpg

Comments for both logos

Comments on all versions