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One of my photographs on Commons. Sometimes, the Wiki world seems as arcane as the ancient oracle of Apollo (who is playing his cithara in the little monopteros), and only the wise sphinges are able to decipher it ;–)

Hello out there,

my main areas of activity are Wikimedia Commons and the German Wikipedia. Therefore please see my respective user pages:

Maybe you wonder why I sometimes make (minor) edits in other versions of the Wikipedia, even in languages which I don’t speak. The most important reason for this is that I often sort and browse images on Commons. Sometimes I stumble over a bad or extremely outdated image which is still used in some Wikipedia articles but which can be easily replaced by some obviously superior image. When this happens, I replace the bad image by a better one in different Wikipedia versions. In addition, I am a file mover on Commons and therefore have to update the links to renamed image files in Wikipedia articles of any language which may use the renamed images.

Best regards, Aristeas