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about user "Ashtamatrikas"[edit]

more information about me in the following headlines. please use {{reply to|Ashtamatrikas}} or {{ping|Ashtamatrikas}} or {{reply|Ashtamatrikas}} or {{yo|Ashtamatrikas}} OR any other similar mechanism for bringing attention immediately or instantly or urgently to your message or criticism or suggestion.


to avoid suspected sockpuppetry investigation or other similar, i hereby disclose publicly

new account?[edit]

  • to be accountable for all my actions
  • slowly and steadily become an effective and go getter person for simple or basic tasks
  • be bold, revert edits with proper edit summaries
  • learn one thing at a time

immediate plan[edit]

we can learn a lot by reading atleast once a day reading of questions and answers in:

  • the teahouse
  • help desk

five year plan[edit]

  • without hesitation clarify queries atleast in teahouse (first priority) (by the end of five years)
  • learn when, where, why and how to use various templates are applicable per manual of style : layout
  • in some kind? of leadership role

work in progress[edit]

  • this is NOT list of articles creared by me. BUT thus is list of minor edits.
  • after a little bit of thinking, decided to concentrate on entire group. the focus is on Lists of women. only list of individuals are covered. starting with 13th alphabet: M.
female violinists w/o DOB
female violinists with DOB