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Hi! I'm AugurNZ. This is my global home page for all my linked accounts on the WikiMedia Foundation projects. To leave me a message, click here!

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Welcome! Tena koe!

I am Augur, from Auckland, New Zealand. I'm a European male with not a drop of Māori blood in me, but I'm proud of my Kiwi heritage and culture nonetheless. Welcome to my centralized profile for anything and everything I have to do with the WikiMedia Foundation. I was formerly registered on Wikipedia back in 2003 or so, but I have no idea now what my username was, let alone my password. I now make extensive use of KeePass, so there should be no worries about me forgetting my login credentials for my new SUL integrated account. I have created SUL-linked accounts and some basic userspace components across all the WMF projects that I am likely to be contributing to in some way. My global signature complies with Wikipedia's signature policy in that it does contain a link to my local contributions. The other links are to my central profile here on Meta-Wiki, which, while admittedly are external links from those other projects, they still link to a WikiMedia Foundation site, so they shouldn't breach policy. Please do not mistake my foresight and preparation for simple "unconstructive userspace edits". My future contributions on any WMF project may be as little as asking or answering a question on a talk page, or may extend to a comprehensive range of useful and beneficial edits. Whatever I do, I want to have a unified and standardized appearance across all WMF projects before I start. That's just part of my "aspieness".

As you will see from one of my userboxes, I have Asperger's Syndrome. This diagnosis contributes positively to my personality in many ways, and provides me with the impetus to diligently edit a wiki, particularly where categories and templates are concerned. In fact, I have what Prior and Ozonoff (2007) would term "enhanced perception of small changes in patterns such as arrangements of objects or well-known images" which aids me in the "processing of fine-grained features."[1]

Unlike many of my fellow aspies, I have quite a broad interest base outside of my "domain-specific" interest of computers and video games. Sports was never my thing, but I am fascinated by the effort and achievement of disabled athletes. My wife has a physical disability and this has drawn me in to an appreciation of the effort some people have to go to just to be acknowledged as a sports-person, and recognized for their achievements in their sport, not just for overcoming the hurdles of their disability. I have become an advocate for diversity, and a strong proponent of the social model of disability, which basically asks the question of whether an individual's limitations create the perceived "disability", or whether said disability is caused by "society's failure to provide appropriate services and adequately ensure the needs of disabled people are fully taken into account in its social organisation."[2]

Actually, I suppose I'm quite the radical, really, when you look at it. Reviewing my userboxes, you will probably notice that I am a proponent of open source software and that I'm not a big fan of IP or DRM. I'm definitely into the openness of accessibility to knowledge for all. For that reason I am making the most of the WikiMedia Foundation and the information freely contributed here by the community.

Bits and Bots

Currently I have been mostly active on The Test Wiki where I have been teaching myself how to use a wikibot. I was inspired to learn about maintenance robots on wikis from my time at the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP) wiki, where I have been contributing for a while. I enjoy the Elder Scrolls series of games, and CRPG games in general. I also play a bit of Minecraft on the Xbox 360 but I don't have a Xbox Live Gold account, so I don't play it online. I'm also active on the fledgling Orain wiki farm where I am running a global bot, and I am the founder of the BotWiki on Orain. I have an account on Test Wikipedia which I intend to use as a practice ground for a bot I want to develop on the Toolserver one day.

  1. Prior M, Ozonoff S (2007). "Psychological factors in autism". In Volkmar FR. Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders (2nd ed.). Cambridge University Press. pp. 69–128. ISBN 0-521-54957-4. 
  2. Oliver, Mike (23 July 1990). "The individual and social models of disability" (PDF). leeds.ac.uk. Retrieved 2012-11-10. 
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