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A User Guide to: Bill Pirkle

Availability: CST/CDT

  • Monday-Thursday: 0830-1700
  • Friday: varies

Earlier meetings are fine, and I can almost always make myself available for them with advance notice.

Later meetings are fine too, but availability varies.

See my calendar for afk/blocked/ooo times. These vary depending on family obligations.

Location/Timezone: Ponder, TX (near Dallas) (CST/CDT)

Preferred Name: Bill

How to talk to me:

  • Slack, IRC and email
  • Slack is probably faster than IRC or email
  • In the event of a true emergency, please do not hesitate to call/text my cell phone. Seriously. The number is on office wiki. If you need me urgently and do not have access to office wiki, ask a staff member to contact me on your behalf and I will jump online ASAP.

Pronouns: he/him

Things that I like:

  • Making/fixing things (physical stuff like houses, fences, cars, etc)
  • College football (don't really care for pro, though)
  • Video games that have engaging stories or interesting mechanics (not a big shooter/twitch gamer)
  • Learning new things. And occasionally teaching something.
  • Hanging out with family and friends

Things I’m bad at:

  • Crowds
  • Talking and thinking at the same time. If you need me to think in detail about something, I may need to do it offline and get back to you.
    • Corollary: I'm pretty bad at collaborative coding. I'm happy to geek out about tech stuff, but prefer actual coding on my own.
  • Saying "no" to stuff. I tend to let myself get overextended.

Anything else you should know about me:

  • I'm an introvert who likes people. Social time is great, but I'll eventually need a break to recharge.
  • My legal name is actually "Bill".