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This extension generate S5 slide show [1] using wiki pages.

Slide Show tag[edit]

Tag format: <slide>style</slide>.

The tag can be put anywhere in the page. style refers to the style used in the slideshow. The tag will be converted to a thumbnail and link pointing to the slide show. Click the link to play the slideshow.


Any level 2 headline and it's content makes one slide page. The headline will be the title of the slide page. The content before the first headline will put into the cover of the slide as comment.

Put "\\" after a paragraph to force page break there. Something like "(2/3)" will be added to the page title to indicate pagination under the same title.

Be careful of these matrix math formular with page break mark "\\" which will break your slide. Append a space char after the "\\" to avoid the problem.

Slideshow styles[edit]

There are 5 styles in the package:

  • default
  • blue
  • flower
  • pixel
  • yatil

If you specify a style name not in the list, the slide will use the default style. You can use diffent styles in one slideshow: just insert one more tag in the page.

PS: these are modified original styles.

Incremental display[edit]

S5 slideshow supports incremental display (show the bullet points one at a time). Just insert (step) (lowercase!) in the level 2 headline, like this:

== Title for the page (step) ==

This tag doesn't affect none list content and pictures (and math formular). The step tag will not be displayed in the slideshow page.

Incremental display, example (step)[edit]

  • list 1
  • list 2
    1. sub list 1
    2. sub list 2
    3. math formular in the list

None list content and Math formulas


  • Next page: carriage return, page down, down arrow, right arrow, mouse left click, Space key
  • Previous page: page up, up arrow, left arrow
  • Navigation bar will appear when you move mouse to the bottom of the right corner:
    1. Ø: switch in the slide show mode and print friend mode
    2. «, »: page switch
    3. selection box: jump to the specified page

Play link[edit]

Normally you must open a page and click the link to play the slide show. Actually you can use a template for this action. Insert the following content in the page:

{{slide|page name}} or {{slide2|page name|style name}}

eg:{{slide|My presentation}} specify flower style: {{slide2|My presentation|flower}}

You can modify template:slide to change the look of the link. There is no need of this slideshow tag in the target page.


  • Too long paragraphs will break the page
  • Page down key and arrow down key acts abnormaly if a page contains a long paragraph, arrow up key or page up key will correct the issue
  • Hit space key two times to turn one page in Internet Explorer
  • Picture and math formular can't play step forward for technical reasons

Known Issues[edit]

Last Slide is in Chinese.

Note: To change the Chinese text you can edit the slide.htm file in the slide folder. BTW, according to google transtale the sentence says "End of slides, Thank you!".


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