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Template:Extension Created a new function template: {{DATETIME:<date>[|<format>]}} taking a format from the PHP strftime date->string conversion routine.


  • Template function: {{datetime:
  • Date/time to be converted: 1/1/1980 11:23
  • Optional Parameter: |%D %T
  • Close template: }}

Example: {{datetime:1/1/1980 11:23pm|%D %T}} would generate 01/01/80 23:23:00.

File modifications[edit]

Based on v1.5.6.


At the end:

$wgDateFormatDefault = "%D %T";


Add another magic word to the end of the array:

        MAG_DATETIME             => array( 0,    'DATETIME:'              ),


Add a new definition for the generated MAG_DATETIME to the end of the definitions of MAG_*:

define('MAG_DATETIME',                  44);

Obviously increase the numeric to be one more than it's predecesor.


The guts of the mod, all done in the braceSubstitution function.

Add the default date format to the globals:

                global $wgLinkCache, $wgContLang;


                global $wgLinkCache, $wgContLang, $wgDateFormatDefault;

Further down, add the following after the check for GRAMMAR:

                # DATETIME
                # Format a date/time parameter via
tion.strftime.php format
                if ( !$found ) {
                        # Check for DATETIME: (namespace expansion)
                        $mwDate = MagicWord::get( MAG_DATETIME );
                        if ( $mwDate->matchStartAndRemove( $part1 ) ) {
                                $dateParsed = strtotime($part1);
                                if ($dateParsed == FALSE )
                                        $text = $linestart . "Invalid Date/Time: " . $part1;
                                        $found = true;
                                } else
                                        if ( $argc == 0 ) {
                                                $text = $linestart . $debug . strftime( $wgDateFormatDefault , $dateParsed);
                                        } else
                                                $text = $linestart . $debug . strftime( $args[0] , $dateParsed);
                                        $found = true;


This may not look especially useful at first but was created for a template being used on a private wiki which requires the same date being expressed in multiple locations but in different formats. Hence a template such as the following can be created (the original is rather more extensive):

Birthdate: {{datetime:{{{birthdate}}}|%D %T}}