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Betsy Gordon, who occasionally goes by her given name Elizabeth when she wants to be more official and sound taller, is an academic librarian, writer and researcher who lives in New York with her s.o. Ken, who is an Ozzie expatriate from Sydney. Their preferred destinations are any locales with palm trees, but they withstand winters in the northeast for the sake of having something to complain about. New York is the best city in the world (well, in the northern hemisphere), but it could use a few more beaches, and something went amiss when its bars were separated from the adjective "smoky."

Her favorite source of news is The Daily Show, and she believes that The Colbert Report would be better if Stephen C. had someone like Tim Robbins to spar with regularly. Motto: If you have anything nice to say about George W. Bush, please do not sit next to me.

Betsy is new to wiki's but is psyched about the concept and the community. She can be reached at or