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  1. Talk:Amical Wikimedia [at]
  2. Talk:AfroCROWD_User_Group [at]
  3. Wikipedia talk:Meetup/ArtAndFeminism [at]
  4. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Albania [at]
  5. Talk:Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group [at]
  6. Talk:Wikimedians of Republic of Srpska [at]
  7. Talk:Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group [at]
  8. Talk:Basque Wikimedians User Group [at]
  9. Talk:Wikimedians of Bulgaria [at]
  10. Talk:Wikimedistas de Bolivia [at]
  11. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Botswana [at]
  12. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Belarus [at]
  13. Talk:Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group [at]
  14. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d'Ivoire [at]
  15. Talk:Wikimedians of Chicago User Group [at]
  16. Talk:Wikimedia User Group China [at]
  17. Talk:Commons Photographers User Group [at]
  18. Talk:Wikimedistas de Colombia/Grupo de usuarios [at]
  19. Talk:Wikimedia Democratic Republic of Congo User Group [at]
  20. Talk:Wikimedia Digitization User Group [at]
  21. Talk:Wikimedia Algeria [at]
  22. Talk:Wikimedistas de Ecuador [at]
  23. Talk:Egypt Wikimedians [at]
  24. Talk:Wikiesfera [at]
  25. Talk:Esperanto kaj Libera Scio [at]
  26. Talk:Wikimedians of Erzya language User Group [at]
  27. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Wales [at]
  28. Talk:Gender Diversity Visibility Community User Group [at]
  29. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia [at]
  30. Talk:Wikimedia Ghana User Group [at]
  31. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Guinea Conakry [at]
  32. Talk:GLAM Macedonia User Group [at]
  33. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Greece [at]
  34. Talk:Hindi Wikimedians User Group [at]
  35. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong [at]
  36. Talk:Wikimedia Community Ireland [at]
  37. Talk:Iraqi Wikimedians [at]
  38. Talk:Iranian Wikimedians User Group [at]
  39. Talk:Wikimedians of Kerala [at]
  40. Talk:Jenga Wikipedia ya Kiswahili [at]
  41. Talk:위키미디어_대한민국 [at]
  42. Talk:Karavali Wikimedians [at]
  43. Talk:Wikimedia LGBT [at]
  44. Talk:Wikimedians of the Levant [at]
  45. Talk:Wikimedians of Latvia User Group [at]
  46. Talk:Wikimedia and Libraries User Group [at]
  47. Talk:Wikimedia MA User Group [at]
  48. Talk:Maithili Wikimedians User Group [at]
  49. Talk:Wikimaps User Group [at]
  50. Talk:Shared Knowledge [at]
  51. Talk:Muj(lh)eres latinoamericanas en Wikimedia [at]
  52. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Malta [at]
  53. Talk:MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group [at]
  54. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia [at]
  55. Talk:Wikimedians of North American Indigenous Languages User Group [at]
  56. Talk:Wikimedia Nepal [at]
  57. Talk:Wikimedia User Group Nigeria [at]
  58. Talk:Igbo Wikimedians User Group [at]
  59. Talk:Punjabi Wikimedians [at]
  60. Talk:Open Foundation West Africa [at]
  61. Talk:PhilWiki Community [at]
  62. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Pakistan [at]
  63. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka [at]
  64. Talk:Odia Wikimedians User Group [at]
  65. Talk:Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova User Group [at]
  66. Talk:Don Wikimedians User Group [at]
  67. Talk:Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group [at]
  68. Talk:Wikimedians of Slovakia [at]
  69. Talk:Wikipedians of Slovenia User Group [at]
  70. Talk:Wikimedia Community of Tatar language User Group [at]
  71. Talk:Wikimedia Tool Developers Group [at]
  72. Talk:Wikimedians in Thailand [at]
  73. Talk:Wikimedia Tunisie [at]
  74. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey [at]
  75. Talk:Wiktionary/Tremendous Wiktionary User Group [at]
  76. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania [at]
  77. Talk:Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group [at]
  78. Talk:Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda [at]
  79. Talk:Cascadia Wikimedians [at]
  80. Talk:Wikimedians of Colorado User Group [at]
  81. Talk:Florida Librarians of Wikipedia [at]
  82. Talk:Georgia Piedmont Wikimedians [at]
  83. Talk:Kentucky Wikimedians User Group [at]
  84. Talk:Wikimedians of Los Angeles [at]
  85. Talk:Wikimedians of Minnesota User Group [at]
  86. Talk:North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians [at]
  87. Talk:New England Wikimedians [at]
  88. Talk:Ohio Wikimedians User Group [at]
  89. Talk:San Diego Wikimedians User Group [at]
  90. talk:Vietnam Wikimedians User Group [at]
  91. Talk:Wikipedia Asian Month User Group [at]
  92. Talk:Wikibase Community User Group [at]
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  94. Talk:WikiDonne [at]
  95. Talk:Wikipedia & Education User Group [at]
  96. Talk:Wikimujeres [at]
  97. Talk:Whose Knowledge? [at]
  98. Talk:Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network [at]
  99. Talk:WikiJournal User Group [at]
  100. Talk:WikiConference North America [at]
  101. Talk:Wikimedians for offline wikis [at]
  102. Talk:Wiki Project Med [at]
  103. Talk:Wikisource Community User Group [at]
  104. Talk:Wikitongues [at]
  105. Talk:WikiToLearn User Group [at]
  106. Talk:Wikivoyage Association [at]
  107. Talk:WikiWomen's User Group [at]
  108. Talk:Wikimedia Armenia [at]
  109. Talk:Wikimedia Argentina [at]
  110. Talk:Wikimedia Australia [at]
  111. Talk:Wikimedia Österreich [at]
  112. Talk:Wikimedia Bangladesh [at]
  113. Talk:Wikimedia Belgium [at]
  114. Community forum [at]
  115. Community portal [at]
  116. Talk:Wikimedia Canada [at]
  117. Talk:Wikimedia CH [at]
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  138. The Stoop [at]
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  140. Wikimedia:Samfunnet [at]
  141. Talk:Wikimedia Polska [at]
  142. Dyskusja:Strona główna [at]
  143. Talk:Wikimedia Portugal [at]
  144. Talk:Wikimedia Russia [at]
  145. Форум [at]
  146. Talk:Wikimedia Serbia [at]
  147. Talk:Wikimedia South Africa [at]
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  149. Kahvihuone [at]
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  153. Talk:Wikimedia UK [at]
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  155. Talk:Wikimedia Ukraine [at]
  156. Talk:Wikimedia Uruguay [at]
  157. Talk:Wikimedia Venezuela [at]