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zh N 只会简体中文(中国),但是能看懂繁体。但是看不懂粤语。>_<
en 4 Leans towards northern American variants of the language.
ja 3 書くことは大丈夫、話すことはうまくないんです。
fr 1 Seulement comprendre l'écriture.
sv 0 I'd like to know it at some point in my life.
py 3
js N assert(bluedeck instanceof Object);
php 4
java 3
c++ 2 cout << "hello world" << endl;
c 2 printf("hello world.");
asm 2 movq %rdi, %rax; retq
*ML 4
css 4
LaTeX 2
coffeeScript 1