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Brian Gupta[edit]

About me[edit]

I have over 16 years experience in the IT space in a variety of roles, including: network engineering, system administration, storage administration, High availability deployments, IT management. Currently I am passionate about open source projects and mobile technology. (Especially where the two meet: e.g. Android)

I am actively involved in the New York City user group community, in such that I cofounded the Puppet and OpenSolaris user groups, and am currently serving as an Officer in the New York Linux User Group (NYLUG), and am a member of many others.

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Articles where I have been quoted on Android[edit]

Debian Developer Conference[edit]

In addition, from 2008-2010 I was involved with planning for the New York City Debian Developer Conference. (I designed the original logo that inspired the final logo for the conference.) In addition my company is a sponsor of the Debian Developer Conference. I was also an early member of the team that put together the initial bid to have the conference in NYC in the late summer of 2008. In addition I have since helped organize additional conferences, starting with DebConf13.

Wikipedia interests[edit]

  • I started the new article on carputers: Carputers (Mostly because they are moving to mobile, and soon we will be seeing Android in more and more of them, which brings me to my next interest:
  • Android Although I have strong editorial differences with some members of the team currently editing the Android page, and thusly am having my edits removed, I am aim to continue to contribute more to this page, and improve the general public's knowledge of Android.
  • NYLUG I started this article because NYLUG had been around for over ten years, and it still didn't have a Wikipedia article. Interestingly, it was nominated for deletion, but the article (barely) survived. Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/NYLUG
  • Monit I started this article because it is a fairly popular piece of software in the Ruby on Rails community.

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