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User:Brooke Vibber/Odense roundup

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Pics: http://flickr.com/photos/tags/wikisym2006/


Angela's keynote[edit]

  • Note to self: is alternate media versions of WP really the best way to provide access to africa? could we instead do something more general that helps with things other than WP as well?
    • pediapress
    • wizzy digital courier
  • Tech note to self: add an expiration date for parser output, allowing changing items
    • this isn't really related to Angela's talk in any way
  • public watchlists... can we support more than this
  • trust & processes
    • community growth may harm personal trust. do processes replace or restore this personal trust?
    • ward suggested a chart/graph showing size & time vs introduction of processes and features, could be interesting to compare community maturity etc issues

Translation the Wiki Way[edit]

  • "JIT translation" ;)
  • Side-by-side diff+editing view for updating translations in bilingual case
  • Somewhat more difficult for multilingual
  • Easy linking to the other versions
  • Using machine translation to fill in new or changed paragraphs... is this feasible?
    • UniKom - check with Chuck on status of machine translation software
  • Maybe work with these people on Multilingual MediaWiki support

Radeox wiki render engine[edit]

  • java, regex based, customizable
  • may change to parser+ast in future, since regexes suck
  • may change to js

Open space - 'Beyond Yes'[edit]

  • 'consensus polling'
  • define contract, then changable approval votes w/ changable proposal text until contract fulfilled
    • set constituencies, minimum votes, minimum no-change time, etc
  • offtopic: thirdparty.org
Brion, do you have interest in talking about this further? I'd love to have a conversation with you about how you might see decision-making needing to improve either directly in the development of the code and how that interacts with the community or if you see any other areas within the wikimedia universe, I'd be happy to follow-up with anyone else you think I should talk with. Or if you have any general advice for BeyondYes, I'd be grateful to hear that as well. Thanks! TedErnst 05:31, 14 September 2006 (UTC)

Open space - media & non-text integration[edit]

  • in-browser svg editors?
  • better external editor integration
  • in-browser video editing??? ;)
  • 'the echo chamber project'
  • [...] wikimentary, 'hole in the wall project'


Doug Englebart & Eugene Kim[edit]

  • online videoconferencing is not reliable enough for live presentations. don't give in to the temptation
  • 'hyperscope' -> horrible, horrible UI ;) for switching views of hierarchical hypertext data
  • wise things to do -> fine-grained addressability and editing
    • note to self: xpath or similar for addressing on fine-grained editing? need an xml or xml-like breakdown from the source text so we can reference and edit it cleanly


Wiki Markup Creole workshop[edit]

  • Somewhat less fighting and more productivity than previous discussions under "wiki markup standard" banner
  • Creole not necessarily intended to replace existing markup, but could be used for 'simple' editing, bridging to cross-engine wysiwyg editors, interwiki data transfer, etc as well as 'pure' use for some new wikis which might choose it
  • Various details hammered out in meeting, some others left for later
  • General agreement to try implementing it from most of the wiki engines represented there
  • There should be a wiki set up for this by now; check the URL

Ward Cunningham[edit]

  • Cute "green dot" diagram in Ward's talk like this summarizes the forces creating the system:
  Methodology            Community
  -----------> (     ) <-----------
                T ^
                e |
                c |
                h |
                n |
                o |
                l |
                o |
                g |
                y |

For wiki, his example:

  • Methodology: piecemeal growth [open editing, easy page creation]
  • Community: RecentChanges [people watching each other's work]
  • Technology: hypertext [at least the basics of it]


  • Evan is working on setting up a site for MW extensions
  • Denmark is very flat, and their trains are very confusing. On the other hand, some of the coins have holes in them which is pretty awesome.
  • One of the *Camps (RecentChangesCamp?) did a fun thing where they printed out the logos of the attendees affiliations on stickers, and people could stick them on their badges or whatever. Kind of cute.
That was RecentChangesCamp, yes. That was Ray King's brilliant idea! TedErnst 05:33, 14 September 2006 (UTC)