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A User Guide to Cindy Cicalese

Availability: generally 9am - 5pm M-F EST/EDT, but when I take breaks for family stuff during the day, I work earlier or later

Location/Timezone: Washington, DC (EST/EDT)

Preferred Name: Cindy

How to talk to me: Slack, Element, Email, and, if necessary, IRC

Pronouns: she/her

Things I like:

  • programming languages
  • wikis
  • travel
  • mentoring
  • K-pop

Things I’m bad at:

  • remembering people's names
  • being concise
  • unplugging - I pretty much am always checking for messages on my phone and have intense FOMO

Annoying things I do:

  • use a lot more words than I need to say something
  • when I am in a meeting that somebody else is running, I become oddly hesitant to share my opinion

Hot takes:

  • wikis are under-appreciated and under-utilized for preserving knowledge in a wide range of environments