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Interactive Maps on Meta[edit]

Screenshot of an embedded interactive map.


The “interactive” team at the Wikimedia Foundation would like to enable the interactive maps <mapframe> feature on this project.

This new feature allows editors to embed interactive maps within any wiki page. This feature is similar to the <maplink> feature. Instead of a link to a map that opens in a window, you will see a nicely formatted image representing the map. This image can be interacted with by clicking it.

Videos demonstrating these features can be found on Commons. [1] [2]

The <mapframe> feature is still under active development. Bug fixes are being addressed and feedback is welcome. We encourage editors to work with <maplink> in templates and other more technical implementations. The <mapframe> feature can be experimented with at other projects (like the sandbox at to experience the feature and provide feedback.

If we have the support of the community here, we would like to enable this feature in early to mid December. Please let us know of any thoughts or concerns.

Thank you for your time. ~ ~ ~ ~