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Mapframe view changes[edit]


There is a small change to interactive maps I would like to share with you. Previously maps using <mapframe> were shown without a frame. After a recent update maps will now appear inside a small frame with the option of a text caption. Similar to how embedded images work.

Frameless maps are good for insertion as part of a template, whereas framed maps are good for insertion directly into the page, either by hand or by using the visual editor.

  • To insert a map without a frame, add the "frameless" attribute: <mapframe frameless ....>
  • To add a caption, use the text="..." attribute.

Note: Adding the text attribute automatically enables a frame.

If you wish to keep existing templates from showing a frame, please add the frameless attribute.

For more information please see T143734 on Phabricator or start a discussion on our project page in any language.

Thank you for your time.