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Chris Prince Udochukwu Njọkụ (PhD Info Tech, Master of Library & Info Sciences, PgD Info Systems, BSc (Hons) Edu, Library Science & Bio). My workplace colleagues call me CPU, you call me only Prince or Udochukwu (God's peace), it tickles me. //Twitter: @DrCPUNjoku. //You'll also find me on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

I work in University of Nigeria, Nsukka Campus, staying in Computer Communications Centre, in charge of operations, designing, implementing + facilitating in training & other activities that help staff & students use ICTs effectively & safely for improved outcomes.

Igbo and other Nigerian languages translation, transcription and voicing consultant for Audiopedia, RedAid Nigeria and DAHW (formerly German Leprosy and TB Relief Association) in repackaging and disseminating leprosy, TB and other health information in Nigeria, produced 1000+ open educational resources.

I also direct a non-profit organisation (Nigeria Information & Documentation Network) and coordinate a research group in University of Nigeria (Researchers on ICTs in Education in Africa - RICTHE Africa) both of which are working to help Nigerians and other Africans, especially the disadvantaged & rural, always seek, find, access + use relevant information / knowledge (in Igbo or other mother tongues & in formats friendly to them) that enables them to address challenges and improve income, agriculture, nutrition, health, social living and environmental care. RICTHE Africa partners with Commonwealth of Learning (https://www.col.org/) in producing and sharing open educational resources (OER) through Nigeria Open Schooling Project's repository (https://www.oer4nosp.col.org) and is in UNESCO's ongoing Greening Education Partnership's Working Groups 2 and 3. Most OER we produced in partnership with Commonwealth of Learning are adaptations and remixes of Wikipedia articles and of media in Wikimedia Commons. They are licenced under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International I had been in public library system & worked as community librarian + head of planning, training, research & statistics, who helped develop libraries in schools, companies & government establishments.