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Chris Prince Udochukwu Njọkụ (PhD Info Tech, Master of Library & Info Sciences, PgD Info Systems, BSc (Hons) Edu, Library Science & Bio). Ịf you call me only Prince or Udochukwu (God's peace), it tickles me. //Twitter: @DrCPUNjoku. //You'll also find me on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

I work in University of Nigeria, Nsukka Campus, staying in Computer Communications Centre, in charge of operations, designing, implementing + facilitating in training & other activities that help staff & students use ICTs effectively & safely for improved outcomes.

I also direct a non-profit organisation, Nigeria Information & Documentation Network, which you or your group/company can join, working to help Nigerians, especially the disadvantaged & rural, to always seek, find, access + use relevant info / knowledge (in Igbo or other mother tongues & in formats friendly to them) that enables them to improve, start or boost business or agric, solve nutrition, health, environmental & community problems.

I had been in public library system & worked as community librarian + head of planning, training, research & statistics, who helped develop libraries in schools, companies & government establishments.