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I'm Chris and I’ve been asked by the Wikimedia Hackathon organizers to help with our photography efforts for the event. Thank you for volunteering to help take photos of the event.

Your photos help to document the event and share with others the energy and vibrancy of our community.

On to business.

First, a reminder that we will have a photography policy for attendees at the event. There will be a way for participants to indicate their preference in being photographed. Attendees will be wearing different colored lanyards letting you know if they are OK with appearing in photos.

If someone asks to not have their photo taken, but are not wearing an identifiable lanyard, please direct them to one of the hackathon organizers, Rachel Farrand, or myself to assist with getting an appropriate lanyard.

Also, please take care in photographing participants at the event. The purpose of photographing the event is to have a report of the activities of the event. Candid photos are fine if the subject is aware they are being photographed. Please don't upload photos of people in awkward, intimate, or embarrassing situations (in the middle of a yawn, having a private conversation, eating something). Please be aware of the Commons guidelines on photographs of identifiable people.

Second, It would be great to have your assistance in creating a group photo of everyone. The group photo will be on Saturday with the time and location to be determined. Check the Phabricator task for more details.[1]

Third, please put all of your hackathon images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons into the Category:Wikimedia Hackathon Prague 2019 (or, even better, into fitting subcategories).

If you haven't uploaded to Commons before, don't worry. Let me know and we can find some time together to figure it out. If you would like to join me for lunch on the first day of the hackathon, I’ll be there with my camera and laptop.

If you’ll be spending any time in Prague, please take a look at WikiShootMe! for wiki items that don’t yet have a photo! Also, please add a note to the photography phabricator task if you’d like to discuss more about photography, the hackathon, or any plans to venture into the city - maybe as a group?

Thank you again, please let me know if you have any questions and I can't wait to see you all in a week!