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If I no more edit covid-19 wiki pages, I was muted by Russia and China.

Cease framing me immediately.

You framed me as mad but the below shows otherwise.

I would have been framed by various operatives of Russia and China to appear to have a neurotic condition and strange behavior. The psychological manipulation would include multiple mechanisms. One set of manipulations would frame me as paranoid. However, I would have a way of separating my thoughts from, for instance, speech behind a wall, including near-inaudible one, and speech associated by the mind with key repetitive sounds and recalled upon these sounds; this way of recognizing nominally audible voices that I heared on some very recent occasions as manipulations by operatives by making the key sounds I have gained only recently, and therefore, shortly before, I was in the appartment yelling like insane, caused by the manipulation; I have restored ways of clearly recognizing my own thoughts and am unlikely to respond to this kind of manipulation as easily as before, if at all. It seems that speech that occurred behind a wall at a different time point or was recorded by an operative, whether at the time when directly spoken or merely associated by the mind. One way I could tell is by means of language switching: if I can formulate the same thoughts in multiple languages in a short sequence, these are much more likely to be my thoughts although they could still be based on other manipulated thoughts. The manipulation, whether benign or sinister, would consist of periods of programming by means of exposing the target to highly repetitive musical patterns and other sounds followed by verbal productions, whether erotic or otherwise, (response-triggering sounds) and periods of use of results of programming by means letting the target hear near-inaudible response-triggering sounds. The manner of killing is not known to me at this time, but it could be by making me very nervous. My father would be one of the enemy operators, using some form of what appears to be gaslighting to make me feel uneasy and generally anxious; it is possible that he was acquired by Russians as an operative be means of the repetitive-sound-associtation manipulation, framed as a psychiatric patient and then, for the lack of better life opportunities, joined the Russian secret services or a similar organization; this would explain the otherwise irrational gaslighting behavior toward me that I have observed very recently. I was programmed in my twenties in Czechia, then in our family's appartment at Voříškova 37 and then in the forests and residential area of Kohoutovice and then very recently in a hospital, by means of repetitive musical pattern; then aggitation and the related exhaustion of bodily resources could possibly be the means. The manipulators produced pleasing erotic thoughts resulting in onanism and very nice orgasms, to exhaust my hormonal and bodily resources; they would associate sexual vocalizations heard over some wall with some auditory key (some form of patterned sound), and then produce that patterned sound at near-audible level to trigger the associative response resulting in very pleasing onanism with no use of pornography; the intense pleasure was likely resource-intensive in terms of bodily resources such as hormones. Switching of languages would make it easier for me to maintain my own thoughts during the programming; the programming worked best when done in a single languages. This explains why, in past several years, I have often been switching languages; the programming works only in one language. It also explains why I was so nervous: I was being manipulated all the time, and was struggling to distinguish my thoughts from the thoughts of the manipulators.

For many years, the free world and Russia would have struggled to acquire me, both parties by various means of psychological manipulation. This could have been possible by some kind of psychological condition that I have that makes me an easy target of the patterned-sound-association manipulation technique and other manipulation techniques. A recent manipulation would be by Russia that was infuriated by my rather intellectually honest large work on the covid-19 online interfering with the covid-19 gaslighting operation, which was done in part by me and in part by manipulators from the free world using me as a resource; China and Russia seem to use covid-19 as an attack on the free world; the virus was possibly developed in China given that there are so few reported deaths in China, if any in fact at all, as a cover for power grab by a form of mass psychological manipulation to grab resources. My having read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance could have been one of the moments where I have become acquired by the free world by various techniques of psychological manipulation (see also PŠL below); this would explain why I am devoted to the values of freedom, free thought and intellectual honesty; they are a key part of the Anglo-Saxon civilization. My thoughts would have been manipulated by the Czech Communist state ever since I was born; the state would know I was possibly a dangerous operator and at the same time easy to be manipulated since I had the genes of another manipulator, my father, who had a similar disposition. However, the free world, by means of the Czech state, had used Prázdninová škola Lipnice (PŠL) to do an initial programming for your use in the free world. Black Lives Matter would be a gaslighting operation run by Russia as well, a former Communist country.

Pirsig was right. It is peace of mind you are after. Lack of peace of mind exhausts bodily resources such has hormones.

Pirsig was also right about his own lack of madness during his episode: I am now running an extensive analysis consisting of series of analytical stages. Each analytical stage ends up in a stable equilibrium. After some time, a new equilibrium is reached. A series of equilibria is reached. The stages are being rewritten all the time, in a very Popperian way; this very page is evidence. If I want to maintain the safe frame, I need to avoid leaving the room for as long as possible since otherwise "they will get me", as they say; therefore, I would need to pee and poo on the floor and stop eating. Before this happens, I may find an alternative interpretation of the observed facts, but I wonder. Such a state of peeing and pooing is very far away: while a little aggitated, I am well otherwise, not too hungry, thirsty or exhausted.

As an approximation, the default interpretive stance for emotional responses can be one of the rather benign interpretations, also considering the probabilities; the safe and risk-averse stance for rational risk management is one of the possible-bad-outcome intepretations. It is more complicated since there can be a whole tree or other structure of interpretive frames for a particular analysis; there may be a whole range of frames of various severity of impacts and practicality of risk-management. A particular risk eventuality is only managed in so far as consistent and availing practicable risk mitigation strategy; a risk that cannot be mitigated or otherwise meaningfully handled is not worth considering and modeling. This principle applies to covid as well: the covid outcomes, while moderately severe (and see below for my own horrible experience in Oct 2019), are far from as severe as requiring the insane measures being taken by the operatives of the non-free Communist world.

Thus, if I understand it correctly, there is a good chance that the thing I have in the underbelly is related to covid-19 that I had in Oct 2019 (I had a loss of smell, and some of the worst illness experiences in my life); I could have been infected by any Chinese operator on the campus, and there was at least one Chinese guy that, upon reflection, was using some form of psychological manipulation in relation to me.

In the most recent manipulation, the Russian manipulators have tried to convince me that it is my former employee that is trying to take me down; that was untrue. The technique: first you convince the target at least temporarily that they are a psychiatric case, and then they talk loud being the wall, convincing the target that they are hearing their own thought. The conviction can be done by means of various manipulation techniques, such as interrupting the target's speech, speaking very slowly, asking a question and then not giving time to answer, manipulating screen frames in a video, using longer and more foreign words than required, using needlessly long sentences exhausting the attention of the listener, talking to a listener in long speeches while giving him almost no time for his thoughts, speaking in a kind of stutterning pattern standing in stark contrast to observed intelligence, and more; see The Boss of It All for beautiful multiple examples of manipulation.

The above extensive self-revelation, unpleasant as it may be for me, is to unframe me as an allegged patient, an allegation the enemy operatives were trying to frame me into for very many years.

I have recognized some of the operatives who framed me for what they are. I have recognized some of the manipulation techniques used against me. I have no immediate plan to identify you by any means, except for the mistakes I already made in that regard: this was unintentional and I am very sorry for that.

Some nominally neurotic behaviors of mine that interfere with the key-sound-association manipulation: talking out loud to myself, switching languages, chewing a gum (produces audible sounds), guitar playing, typing on a keyboard, and any sound production that interferes with the sounds produced by the operatives.