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Cost Category Category Description Budgeted Costs Actual Costs % of Budget Spent Explanation to Variances from Budget
Conference Costs Location rental, catering, technical equipment, wifi, facilitators, documentation, childcare, support staff 92.000 € 91.259,22 € 99,19 %
Dinner Snack Costs Dinner and beverages for 3 nights 20.000 € 20.625 € 103,13 %
Social Event Costs Location rental, catering, beverages, DJ, support staff 16.000 € 14.700,14 € 91,88 %
Travel and Transport Costs On-Site Travel costs volunteers/facilitators, material transport, public transport tickets for participants 6.000 € 3.284,16 € 54,74 % Due to the uncertainty in which distance to the conference hotel the dinner snack and party venue are going to be located, WMDE budgeted for 5-day public transport tickets. As all venues were located in walking distance, public transport ticket costs were kept low.
Communication Costs Production of conference material, photographer and visa costs 12.000 € 9.049,04 € 75,41% WMDE budgeted for 70 participants that are in need of a visa based on the experience from last year. However, only 47 pax had to apply for a visa in 2018 (a lot of participants already hold a multiple entry visa and therefore did not hand in a reimbursement claim).
Staff Costs Logistics and Event Coordinator, Program and Engagement Coordinator, Event Assistant, Visiting Wikimedian 95.000 € 95.000 €
Accommodation Costs Accommodation costs for affiliates in need of complete funding 54.000 € 39.981,08 € 74,04 % WMDE has budgeted for 200 pax à 4 nights (800 nights) based on the number of eligbile representatives per affiliate and max. approved number of nights. Due to last minute cancellation/visa issues/missed registration deadline and not every affiliation being represented by the max. participant number allowed, only 163 pax (596 nights) attended.
Travel Costs Travel costs for affiliates in need of complete funding and service charge travel agency 160.000 € 102.303,22 € 63,94 % WMDE took the average flight costs from WMCON17 (~800€) as the point of reference for the 2018 budget. The actual average flight costs for 2018 however amounted to 610€.  Moreover, travel was booked for 163 pax while WMDE budgeted for 200 pax based on the number of eligbile representatives per affiliate.
Subtotal 455.000 € 376.201,86 € 82.68 %
Indirect Costs (10% of Subtotal) Indirect costs including expenses for finance, IT, office, office rent, HR 45.500 € 37.620,19 € 82.68 %
TOTAL WMCON18 Costs 500.500 € 413.822,05€ 82.68 %