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Illusionism is a philosophy held by few Wikipedians that seek to use slight of hand to confuse and amaze other editors. Illusionists may make their conjurations on grounds of mischief, boredom, and so on. Illusionists may have derived their philosophy in part from the claim that: "Often what is not seen is more important than what is, but we'll never show you." Wikipedians who practise illusionism are known as Illusionists.

Illusionism may be regarded by some as the opposite of Visiblism or as an alternative philosophy. As such, Invisibilism is linked to illusionism through a common enemy. Illusionism is slightly related to Humorism but not by much being that few find them funny.

Whereas Visiblist simply wish to show you every articles they see, an Illusionist prefer to hide the article up their sleeve while they distract you with something completely unrelated.

Interested Illusionist are welcome to suggest more policy changes. The Association of Illusionist Wikipedians will likely never be established.