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This will be a combination of UrbanDictionary, KnowYourMeme and a place to put all the internet phenomena.

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For the wildcard thoughts see #Language VS Country VS cultureCode If the wildcard is going to be a language the focus is going to be on (just like Wiktionary).

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Probably the most difficult is how to ascertain the provided information. The UD uses very neat way - like/dislike method which while technically feasible, I do not think it conforms to other wikiprojects standards and way of doing things in any way. So, the idea is to respect every link (as opposed to Wikipedia, where websites are frowned upon especially unknown ones).

If there exists a link then it is already a part of internet culture. Just like a thing in real life - the moment you are born, you are part of a culture and you are a culture.

Article items[edit]

One instant question you might ask is what's going to be the article's name? Nothing descriptive; Just Phenomenon#348, Phenomenon349 etc. Why? Because if it has name 9(w:rickrolling) it might be difficult to derive it from the facts you know about a phenomenon (in this example you just know that people send songs in order to troll). Sometimes thinking of the name of an article is going to be a PITA, so let's stick with the wikidata approach.

Why restrict on internet?[edit]

Yes we do not have to do so. Real world cultures are also interesting, and in most cases they are neither encyclopedic nor dictionaric and nor any other wikiproject-friendly. Examples include,

  • how certain people behave in public: how they meet friends, how they look, and even how they smile at you (well if that's any different from what the reader expects)
  • How certain people feel about other people
  • What's their likes and dislikes.

We can also define the purpose and the essence of it in a way that tempers makes use of hypothetical future and its consequences. Let's first try to define in that way Wikipedias:

  • If I know all everything that is on Wikipedia then I am the smartest guy in the world.
  • If I know everything that is on Wiktionary about X language then not only can I understand everything in X, rather I can produce stuff (compounds, sentences, and even purposefully ungrammatical content that is understandable)
    • So, I know thing so well that I feel them. I swim in the X language even if my native language is (?used to be?) different.

Now, WikiCulture is going to be defined as

  • If I know all the stuff, I am going to make perfect jokes.
    • wait wut? We are all doing this s**t to just make jokes? - No, but jokes exemplify it perfectly. Yeah, jokes are very good indicator how insider you are. How you understand the street (or, nowadays, the internet)

Language VS Country VS cultureCode[edit]

Well, having cultureCode is a nice dream.