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All the patches are of course GPL:

  1. Page Protection/Unprotection confirmation dialog (from CVS, 1.3 alpha)
    1. /Article.php.1.diff
    2. /Language.php.1.diff
    3. /cvs.1.diff
  2. Added two magic words, NAMESPACE and PAGENAME, so that you can do things like: [[{{NAMESPACE}} talk:{{PAGENAME}}]]
    1. /cvs.2.diff
    2. /cvs.3.diff

(If possible try to use 'diff -u' to generate patches. The default 'diff' output creates patches that don't always go cleanly into subsequently modified files; for instance absolute line numbers mean that things can get shifted around. --Brion VIBBER 21:36, 24 Apr 2004 (UTC))