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Learning and Evaluation

<translate> Plan – for planning your program.</translate>

<translate> When planning a program, consider: what are your goals, and how can you best determine whether you're reaching them? Have others planned programs like yours? What did they learn?</translate>

  • <translate> [[<tvar|prog-resources>Special:MyLanguage/Learning and Evaluation/Planning overview</>|Overview]] – a general overview on program planning.</translate>
  • <translate> [[<tvar|tools>Special:MyLanguage/Program guides</>|Program guides]] – A collection of metrics, tools, and guides for planning and evaluating your Wikimedia programs.</translate>
  • <translate> [[<tvar|models>Special:MyLanguage/Learning and Evaluation/Other implementation guides</>|Other implementation guides]] – community-contributed resources for program planning and implementation.</translate>
  • <translate> [[<tvar|eval-resources>Special:MyLanguage/Learning and Evaluation/Planning for implementation</>|Planning for implementation]] – specific tools that help with implementing programs.</translate>

Quantitative vs Qualitative:
More friends than enemies

A good evaluation requires numbers and stories. Find out how to evaluate in a mixed-methods world.

Measures for Evaluation (under construction)
Find your evaluation journey.

Process and Tracking

Tracking and Reporting Toolkit
An easy form to guide you with reporting/tracking information for your program. Translated into 2 languages.

Wikimedia data

A tool for getting user data for your programs

More Tools
Explore more options and tools for displaying or analyzing Wikimedia data.

Hays Directory
A way to easily discover Wikimedia-related tools.

Survey Tools

Survey Question Bank
Need questions for a survey? Find them here!

An easy-to-use tool for collecting survey responses

Survey Support Desk
More resources about process and tools for surveys

<translate> Contribute – be a part of the Learning and Evaluation community!</translate>

  • <translate> [[<tvar|conmmunity>Special:MyLanguage/Learning and Evaluation/Community</>|Community]] – meet your peers</translate>
  • <translate> [[<tvar|case-studies>Special:MyLanguage/Learning and Evaluation/Case studies</>|Case studies]] – written reports describing programmatic activities and outcomes</translate>
  • <translate> [[<tvar|eval-reports>Special:MyLanguage/Learning and Evaluation/Evaluation reports</>|Evaluation reports]] – reports prepared by the Learning and Evaluation team</translate>
  • <translate> [[<tvar|patterns>Special:MyLanguage/Learning patterns</>|Learning patterns]] – brief documents describing lessons learned</translate>