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  Wikimedia Training Program Evaluation Basics Menu

Evaluation Roles

  • Learn evaluation logic and skills
  • Define major focus
  • Value each others’ expertise
  • Participate in design
  • Draw and apply conclusions
  • Build capacity of program leaders as evaluators
  • Act as learning resources
  • Facilitate group process
  • Support Group cohesion
  • Support collective inquiry
  • Develop tools and pathways for inquiry
  • Develop Logic Models
  • Determine how to measure outcomes
  • Design data collection methods
  • Analyze and reflect on data
  • Draw conclusions
  • Plan next steps and report results

The training ends a bit abruptly; what about a slide that says something like:

Things to consider Evaluations are complex and often involve many steps along the way. These learning modules are a set of tools so that you can learn about the following:

- Plan your program's goals and outcomes - Creating a timeline for your evaluation (before and after the program is implemented) - Designing surveys - Use Wikimedia tools - etc..

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