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This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL version 2.0 or later.

RCBot is a simple bot. It looks at the recent changes feed, filters out bot changes,[1] and reformats the message. It then sends the results to two lists of channels on

  • cvn channels - all changes except bot changes and whitelist user changes (note: reverts[2], admin actions, and edits to watched pages are still reported)
  • rc channels - all changes by all users (except bot[1] changes)

The bot will tag changes made by people on the whitelist (which appear dark gray) and blacklist (which appear red). Certain actions (move, delete, protect, block, account creation, interwiki, patrol, etc.) are shown in blue. All other messages appear in colour.

To give a command to the bot, you must be voiced. If there is more than one RCBot running at a time, you can send a command to all of them by replacing the bot name (RCBot below) with AllRCBots.[3] The bot also accepts commands from the terminal. Most commands are replied to in the Freenode channel and on the terminal.

User lists[edit]

To add a user to either list, type:

RCBot wl add Username x=

To remove someone, type:

RCBot wl del Username
RCBot bl del Username

To clear all people from the blacklist[4]:

RCBot bl clear

To see who is on the lists, type:

RCBot wl list
RCBot bl list

To copy the blacklist from one bot to another (in this example, from RCBot to AltRCBot), type:

AltRCBot receive bl RCBot
RCBot send bl AltRCBot

The bot will tell you when it is done. Note: this clears AltRCBot's list and replaces it with RCBot's list. The same thing can be done with the whitelist. This does not always function properly, use at your own risk.

To add all admins from a project to the white list, type:

RCBot getadmins language.project[5]

You may also use a similar command to add all users with the rollback right to the whitelist:

For example: RCBot getrollbackers meta.wikimedia

Watched pages list[edit]

The following commands work to change the watched pages list:

RCBot wpl add
RCBot wpl del
RCBot wpl list

After the command, type the article name (not the redirect name).

This command was originally "wal" but is renamed to "wpl" in 1.6a2.
The bot also accepts "cvp" instead of "wpl" for those who are used to SWBot

Changes to watched pages are sent to the watched pages channel:

RCBot wpc add
RCBot wpc del
RCBot wpc list

After the command, type the IRC Freenode channel to report to.

IRC channels lists[edit]

The following commands must be used to configure the channels:

To change a CVN-style channel:

RCBot cvn add/del/list

To change a RC-style channel:

RCBot rc add/del/list

To change which WM RC feeds are listened to:

RCBot wm add/del/list

Other Commands[edit]

To get it to start reporting, type:

RCBot speak

To make the bot stop reporting (usually if another bot is doing the same thing), type:

RCBot quiet

To know if the bot is speaking or quiet (plus some other info), type:

RCBot status

To get a link to this page, type:

RCBot help

If the bot is misbehaving, you can make it quit entirely by sending either:

RCBot die 
RCBot quit

Please only use "die" and "quit" as a last resort, as the bot must be restarted manually.

Getting RCBot[edit]

RCBot is a Java program written by User:EhJJ. This program can be downloaded from sourceforge and run by any user. You can also get the source code using SVN. or browse/download tarball

Feature requests[edit]

Please make feature requests on the feature request page. So far, these ideas have been made:

Bot list/Ignore list/Flood list[edit]

RCBot already ignores bot edits (edits done with a bot (B) flag). Also, edits done by administrators using the flood flag are automatically ignored (they appear to RCBot as bot (B) edits). Unfortunately, certain actions when done by bots (or admins with the flood flag) do not appear as bot edits in the IRC feed. I will eventually add a bot/ignore list to prevent floods.


  1. a b Change must be flagged "bot" (B) by the mediawiki software. Note:certain actions (delete, move, block, etc.), even if done by a bot or with flood flag, are not marked as bot edits by the IRC feed and will appear.)
  2. Revert must have the word "revert" or "undid" in the change summary to be listed
  3. Please use this carefully
  4. The same feature does not exist for the whitelist
  5. For example: RCBot getadmins meta.wikimedia