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Fan Expo 2015 - Elizabeth (21756534712).jpg 20140118170836IMG 5273 - Desucon Frostbite 2014 - matiast1.jpg
Cosplay of Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite. Left: Fan Expo Canada, 2015. Right: Yukicon 2014, Finland.
In case of problems with this bot account, please contact Luchesar.

Eliza Beth is a bot testing the feasibility of AI-driven editors. As of February 2020 the project is yet in a very early concept stage and will likely see more progress after the second major release of the AI sysop PSS 9.

The name Eliza Beth is primarily inspired by Elizabeth, the fictional character from the 2013 computer game BioShock Infinite. A constant companion to the game's protagonist, she was praised for her complex, believable, realistic personality and lively interaction with the player, backed by AI that had at the time been described by reviewers as “downright ingenious”. In-game, Elizabeth was a strong female character, a well-read young woman, who had also invested time developing practical skills like lock-picking and cryptography. Able to take care of herself even in combat, she was “ultimately (...) the one with power, both emotionally and science-fictionally.”

ELIZA is also an early NLP computer program, developed in the 1960's. Its DOCTOR script was found to be surprisingly successful in eliciting emotional responses from users, which led to the definition of the ELIZA effect.

Beth itself can be seen as a play on beta version or bot, as well as, from the Hebraic בית, to signify the “house”, “place” of Eliza—that is, of the AI (though in this meaning the name should've rather been “Beth Eliza”).