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SBHandler is a gadget to help dealing with the blacklist. It closes requests and takes care of editing Spam blacklist and logging the changes to the blacklist.

Closing a request
Adding a URL to the blacklist


COIBot reports
Just hit the [add] link on the discussion section of COIBot reports and follow the instructions - the addition and log entry will be made for you. For COIBot reports, you're also provided a [reverted] option, for use when you've reverted the link additions, but blacklisting isn't necessary.
Spam blacklist
For additions/removals from Talk:Spam blacklist, use the [add] or [remove] links and follow the instructions - the edit and log entry will be made for you.

Custom comments[edit]

You can set custom comments to be added to the request when closing it. These are:

Adding a URL
Removing a URL
Closing a request without further action
When reverted edits
Declining a request

You set them by defining these variables in your monobook.js.

SBHandlerAddComment = ':{{Added}} the URLs to the blacklist. ~~' + '~~';

This will add

:{{Added}} the URLs to the blacklist. ~~~~

instead of

:{{Added}}. --~~~~

to the request when you add a URL.

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