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Hi There!

I've been working on wiki projects on and off for several years. I currently own a Miami video production company, where I create a lot of amazing corporate videos and other media.

Some new Wikibooks logos[edit]

See the Full Proposal[edit]

Wikibooks logo Page Fan.svgWikibooks logo Page Fan he.svg

Wikibooks logo Curly Book.svg Wikibooks logo double book with text.svg

Logo Test[edit]

Wikipedia-logo-en.png Commons-logo-en.png Wiktprintable.svg Wikibooks logo Page Fan.svg
Wikiquote-logo-en.png Wikisource-newberg-de.png WikiNews-Logo-en.svg Wikiversity-logo.svg
Wikimedia logo text RGB.svg Wikispecies-logo-en.png Mediawiki.png Incubator-text.svg