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This grid shows all my user accounts on all wikis.

Grid and templates lovingly gleaned from User:EVula

Note: If an account has my username/claims to be me, but is not on this list, it is probably an imposter. Note that the username impersonation problem does not apply to any Wikia account (excluding Uncyclopedia) as Wikia uses a global user database.

My accounts on Wikimedia are now unified, so all the Wikimedia sites below are site I am active on. There is no danger of impersonation on any Wikimedia Foundation wiki, as my username is now reserved. My parent wiki is currently the English Language Wikipedia.

Note: Just because a language or wiki is listed here doesn't mean I can speak that language or have edited that wiki. It means that SUL's list shows the wiki, meaning I have visited it for one reason or another at some time.

Interwiki Grid[edit]

Other wikis which have no interwiki reference[edit]

My personal wiki, of course, but since it goes up and down, rm'd link.