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Florian Schmidt
People buy things, they don't need, with money, they don't have, to impress people, they don't like.

About me

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I'm Florian (most likely known with the username Florianschmidtwelzow in Wikimedia-projects). I'm from Germany and I live in a city in Niedersachsen. My MediaWiki-related hobby is the project.

My work

I started contributing to the technical community and Wikimedia projects in the early 2014 (my first commit in gerrit: 134341) with a lot of changes for the MobileFrontend project (which delviers a mobile optimised page for MediaWiki wikis (including WMF wikis, like Wikipedia). I also started the GoogleLogin extension, which provides the ability for users to login with their connected user accounts or create a new wiki account with the Google login (based on the Google OAuth API). I also contribute to the mediawiki/core project (the main MediaWiki software), mostly in the area of extension management/support and a lot of other places (hooks, re-useable functions, HTMLForm, Special pages, and so on). I also work on the MediaWiki widgets project and (in combination with that) sometimes for/with the OOJsUI project. I'm also active in projects I'm interested in from time to time :P
I'm also an administrator on and contribute to some Wikipedias (bu not very frequently), so you could say, that I'm mostly involved in technical parts of the Wikimedia/MediaWiki universe :) In my free time, I also try to answer incoming e-mails about the Android Wikipedia app and/or technical issues with Wikimedia projects (so you probably, at some time, you'll get an e-mail from me :P) as an OTRS team member.

My gerrit contributions
My contributions

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On my talkpage on and on my talkpage on german dewiki.