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Hi, This is my Wikimedia user page. I am a molecular neurobiologist and university Professor. You can find a sumamry of my scientific work in this LINK or in my PUBMED profile. I organize Wikipedia editing projects as a part of my science classes. I think Wikipedia is a great tool and learning space to foster students' development of critical thinking, information literacy, digital literacy and communication. I started using Wikipedia assignment in my classes first in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2015 when I had worked at the International University of Sarajevo. Later I used Wikipedia as a tool for service learning in my Science and Technology (and Cell Biology) classes in Siberia, Russia where I worked as a Professor in the School of Advanced Studies. This was in 2021 and you can find the relevant information in this LINK. Now. since 2022, I am in Istanbul, Turkiye and teaching at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Uskudar University. Most of the time the medium of education in my classes is English so my Wikipedia editing assignment focuses on Wikipedia English. Also, I have a lot of international students (about 50-60 %) so it is hard to use local language (Turkish). Nevertheless I sometimes arrange bilingual options or select Wikipedia Turkish whenever the medium of education is Turkish (like in the course BYT501 above). I think it is essnetial to increase the language diversity of Wikipedia to promote free knowledge for everybody in the world.