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Hello. I'm Fluxqi, a Wikimedian who will only be semi-active because I am busy in real life. While you wait for me to actually make an edit, some random stuff about me is below.

Where I'll Be[edit]

During the times I may be active, I will probably be on Meta-Wiki mostly, but no promises.

Languages I Speak[edit]

English only, but I'm starting to learn Spanish, Greek, and Turkish - however, I can barely speak any of them.

Social Media[edit]

I don't particularly like social media, but I have a GitHub with Discord coming soon.

Favorite Video Games[edit]

Minecraft, Among Us, and The Battle Cats (I just started playing the latter).

Wikimedia Policies I Wish Were Changed[edit]

First and foremost, I support the existence of Wikimedia projects in extinct languages, for reasons listed at Requests for comment/Start allowing ancient languages.

Next, I support closing inactive projects - if they're just lying around doing nothing, I don't see the point of keeping them.

I also oppose the idea of the "semi-block". In my opinion, users should be fully blocked or not blocked at all.

I believe that Beta Wikiversity and Old Wikisource should be merged into Incubator. I don't see the point of having them as separate projects.

I think that "soft closes" are unnecessary. Either close a wiki, or don't close a wiki. Or delete a wiki.

I think that the Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia should be deleted because it is a dialect of Arabic, and dialects do not deserve their own Wikipedia pages.