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By how much complication one has to bring oneself to until finally one reaches the simplicity.
Durch wieviel Kompliziertheit muß man sich durchringen bis man endlich zur Einfachheit gelangt. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach[1]

Production stills from The Famous Five (although not in Brexit Island) featureing M. Gallagher

Rummaging through the attic, I stumbled upon some old stereoscopic photographs. I soon found out, that they were not originals, but modern reproductions (and if there ever had been originals, they would at latest have been lost soon after my family was late for the last boarding of the Wilhelm Gustloff). But there are actually many orignal threedimensial photos on commons. So wouldn't these be worth to be viewed in their original glory? There are many different ways to achive this: anaglypic googles in many different color codings, pol glasses, and so on.

My first thought actually was, to view this pics on a 3DTV capable TV set. Millions and millions of these have been sold in the last years and many readers of Wikipedia will have one of these ready at home (4K TV sets on the other hand often come without native 3D capabilities). Within minutes I had scanned the pics I had found in the attic, turned them with Gimp into SBS format, copied to an USB stick, set the TV to left-right side-by-side mode, and could relive the experience:

Some research showed, that it actually is much easier: Photos can be uploaded to commons in the jps format, vids as a webm file in sbs or cardboard mode. After setting a cookie, this media can be accessed from Wikipeda (through the magic of toollabs) in arbitrary anaglypic versions, on a 3DTV, projected against a wall with pol glasses like it is done in cinemas, with cardboard or VR glasses, without glasses on a holographic pyramid device, or actually on any monitor by emulating the 3Dready system with generic blutooth 3D glasses (this will work best with high frame rates, otherwise you will get the flickering known from PAL Amigas in interlace mode (and BTW ...)).

It would be easy to add this feature to the Media Viewer or to create a virtual name space like media: ([[3d: instead of [[file:). Also the creation of 3D content by Wikipedians is easy: Apart from commercial and DIY 3D cameras, it is possible to employ any action cam or smartphone by employing the stereocam app and the stereo editor desktop software.

But as any new idea suffers from the hen and egg problem, I decided to create some demo content. At first I was going to identify some interesting sculptures by using Wikipedias deepcat query feature to find public art of german sculptors, but then decided to simply take some random pics and vids while carrying out my new years resolution of eating some Waldmeister icecreame in every German city in 2016.

Impressions from Germany 2016[edit]

Over the year of 2016 I travelled across Germany on the Waldmeister quest. That taking photos can be dangerous, I had already learned at school: After I accidently took the photo of two kissing classmates, the girl swore revenge on me. When she finally had her run on me, her friend apeared as the deus-ex-machina, shouted at the assembled school, that he had come for my rescue, then wrestled down his girl-friend. I still think, that they had not fully understood the dragon/dragon slayer/princess principle. To stay informed, I used traditional media, including tabloid Bild, that after the war was the first to be called Lügenpresse, and that - in a time before Bumble, Hater and Shinder - was instrumental in Ina Deters search. I travelled meridies, occidens et orientis ..hierns et aestas, autumnus et tempus vernum.. deora a mo chroi go bron by train, tram, bus, taxi, car sharing and hiking. I spend travel time with Cute Videos on Napflix, Killpoint on Daily me, Gilmore girls, Rampage3, Ace and Neo Magazine Royal.







Some towns[edit]

De buren[edit]

On the Art of Programming[edit]

The following is a small snippet of the Stereoskopie software.

private d e(s z, s t, d c) {
	int a = 0, e = 0, i, y = z.l();
	for ( i = 0; i < y; ) if ( z.c(i++) == g ) a++; else break;
	for ( i = y; i > 0; ) if ( z.c(--i) == g ) e++; else break;
	if ( a == e && ( a == c.i || c.i < 0 ) && z.s(a,y-e).t().e(t) ) {
		if ( c.i == -2 ) { c.i = a; c.b = true; } else c.b = !c.b; }
	else if ( c.b && a <= c.i ) c.b = false;
	return c;

Disclaimer and References[edit]

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  3. As a news paper recently pointed out: Wolfsburg doesn't exist either