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Dshuf test:



Press shift-reload first!

This page has been dynamically client side scrambled for your protection. Every time you reload the page the order should change. The TOC, however, does not change.

If the first section break is inside a scramble div then the TOC will be moved along with it. This is probably not what you want, but it's hard to avoid without a lot of special case code that I'd rather avoid. The best way to use this is to simply make sure your first section is not inside a dshuf classed div. Making dshuf section aware (so that it updates the toc) would add a lot of complexity and make it less useful for non-section uses. As such I think leaving the TOC alone is best.

Multiple shuffle sets can be defined, so that items within the sets are shuffled but items are not shuffled between the sets.

There is no adverse interaction with caching because this is done client side. There is no accessibility problem, users without Javascript just see the items in the original order.

WTF Mate!? you lost me there. sorry.

FOO - 1[edit]

FOO dfs
flamo dfdsg

BAR - 2[edit]

BAR dfs
flamo dfdsg

Baz - 3[edit]

BAZ dfs
flamo dfdsg

Foobar - 4[edit]

Foobar dfs
flamo dfdsg

Bazbar - 5[edit]

Bazbar dfs
flamo dfdsg

Bloop - 6[edit]

Bloop dfs
flamo dfdsg

Fiddlesmaz - 7[edit]

Fiddlesmaz dfs
flamo dfdsg