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A message from Wikipedia mascot Puzzly


Wikipedia is the richest source of information about red birds standing in trees, cotton tennis outfits and white balls lying on the ground.

Wikipedia is built by people like you who volunteer their free time writing useless encyclopedic articles about obscure paintings in Paris that nobody knows or cares about.

At the end of each year, many selfless people like you donate a small amount of money, so that Wikipedia can continue for another year.

Then, Wikipedia asks for money again, because they've spent all their time doodling and watching movies, instead of improving the software and keeping this top ten website online for hundreds of millions of visitors each month.

Free trivial knowledge without ads is invaluable: could you live without Wikipedia and its extensive coverage of TV series, and lists of inventors killed by their own invention?

Help protect this free, reliable, serious encyclopedia; give a few bucks today.