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Enable XTools gadget Now with cross-wiki notifications[edit]

This is the gadget of XTools.
It will add a line to the current page as shown in this example: (in fact, it's not yellow)

XTools gadget: Global notifications from 800+ wiki's
Show result summary of checks in tooltip

The color of See full page statistics-text changes, if the on-the-fly check (~ 1 sec) detects some issues. Currently the following checks are performed:

You can quickly access the results via tooltip or see the full description in section #bugs
The gadget text is localized to the wiki's language, if it has been translated in

XTools cross-wiki notifications

If you are logged in with Wikimedia OAuth, you can get cross-wiki notifications from over 800 wiki's!

  • You can configure the XAgent here: Blue Fedora hat.png XAgent config
  • How it works:
    1. XAgent queries your most edited + your recent edited wiki's (as listed in X! Edit Counter) + the wiki's you specified in XAgent's config every 60 seconds for new notifications.
    2. If you delete the session cookie or if the session ended, you'll have to login again.
    3. If you see this icon: Blue Fedora hat.png, you are not logged in, otherwise a badge with the number of new (or zero) notifications is shown. Refresh your browser with F5
  • Enhancements of this feature are work in progress (as you might see on the config page)
  • ENJOY the new feature!

1. Normal method: common.js[edit]

The most common way to activate this gadget on one Wiki is to insert the following line into your common.js:


Copy the line above and paste it into your common.js (create new one, if it doesn't exist)

This works for the wiki where you modified the common.js and if you are logged in.
If you are using a script blocker like NoScript, must be allowed.

2. Global method: global.js[edit]

This works for all Wikimedia Wiki's if you are logged in.
So, if you are editing/visiting many Wiki's you don't have to deal with multiple common.js settings! And as XTools-gadget is designed to work on all Wiki's, it's an ideal combination.

  1. Copy the line above and paste it into your global.js on Metawiki by clicking on the link below:
  2. m:Special:MyPage/global.js

3. Alternative method: user script[edit]

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Wikipedia XTools gadget
// @namespace
// @description Provides instant meta information for all Wikimedia wikis.
// @match	*://**
// @match	*://**
// @match	*://**
// @match	*://**
// @match	*://**
// @match	*://**
// @match	*://**
// @match	*://**
// @match	*://**
// @match	*://**
// @match	*://**
// @run-at 	document-end
// @version     1.0
// @grant       none
// ==/UserScript==
var src = '//';
var script = document.createElement('script');
script.type = 'text/javascript';
script.src = src;
  • Save the code snippet above to file XAgent.user.js (.user.js is important)Template:Sndsor download here with right mouse click -> Save Link As...
  • Chrome/Chromium: VisualEditor - Icon - Menu.svg -> Tools -> Extensions. Just drag & drop the file.
  • Mozilla: (Greasemonkey required). Open blank page in browser -> drag & drop the file
  • If you are using a script blocker like NoScript, must be allowed.
  • Advantages:
  1. all wikis/projects included out of the box
  2. quickly toggle the things on/off without editing your common.js
  3. works even if logged out

Feedback appreciated! If you want to comment the feature or if you have further suggestions (position of text, shown data, etc.), please leave a note on:

The JavaScript-code can be inspected here:

More information[edit]