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There is a beach with children building sandcastles[edit]

Some quite elaborate, decorated with small flat stones found at shore. Others just a pail of sand dumped out with a scraggly gull’s feather on top. But a beach with children building sandcastles.

Some castles are abandoned. Others have small groups with spray bottles and tools, building castles that are a wonder to see. Parents and other adults come by to see the children building their beautiful sandcastles. A beach with children building beautiful castles.

As at any beach, there are children who delight in kicking down the castles. The abandoned castles, just a pail of sand dumped out with a feather on top. No one will defend those. So stomp they do. Rarely out of malice, just for the raw joy of being a child. Those castles looked out of place next to the soaring castles. A beach with wonderful sandcastles and children building them.

Of course conflict arises, as it will among children. Maybe one wants a great wall covered in stone, while another wants tall rounded towers. Or maybe one knocked over another (it was an accident mommy!) and the two start to yell. Parents step in and where needed rules are made. A beach with beautiful castles and industrious children building them: a wonder to behold.

As time passes the noise and bubbling of the children is less. The serious business of building castles happens with a bit less jostling and a bit more focus. More such wonderful sculptures are made in the sand: pyramids here, Einstein there and fish swimming in a circle. There are no pails of sand dumped out. Children who wish to make their simple first castle are sent farther down the beach. Here is where art is done. A beach of beauty, full of grand designs for all to see.

There is a beach with castles and sculptures.


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