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I collect on this page ideas what I think the Movement Charter should contain.

My thoughts[edit]

As an editor in the Wikimedia Projects I am interested in sharing knowledge with other people and participate in the decisions regarding the projects. The mission of the Wikimedia Projects is a world in which everybody can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. This is an big goal and something that I as an editor support and it is from my point of view important that the mission is not seen to political. There are also people who just contribute to the projects. As a contributor I am interested in getting support for example for attending an event like an Editathon or an Hackathon or for a meeting like the Wikimania or WikiCON and also for books or other things I need to contribute to the Wikimedia Projects. This is an topic where it is important for me that all the people can get the support independently from where they live. I know that there are areas where this is not easy because of the local laws or restrictions from other goverments to avoid corruption or fincancing terrorism. It is important to make sure that the support is used for supporting contributions to the Wikimedia projects or free knowledge. The support should come from local organisations and so there is local staff at several places in the world needed. It is important from my point of view that the staff has an relationship to the community and understands how the projects work. So it should be possible for every employee to attend at a community event where it is possible to talk with community members. Outside of this activity it is also important that the employees understand how a wiki page can be edited. The Wikimedia Movement consists out of the contributors of the projects and the local and thematic organisations also called affiliates. At the organisations related to Wikimedia there should be an representation of the employees and low hierchies within the organisations. They should get their goals from general assemblies. Every member should be able to make proposals. When the organisations work further on the goals it is important that they talk with the community members and give them enough time for comments. So it is a collaborative way how the goals are set into actions. The Affiliates should publish every year a report what they have done last year and an overview about how far they reached the goals set.

Topics that should be covered[edit]